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Single-Step Tubing

Two-Step Tubing

Single-Step Technology


qsil PH fused quartz tubing and rod are produced based on a single-step technology. High purity quartz sand is filled continuously into a melting crucible. At temperatures above 2000°C, the highly viscous material is extruded through a nozzle and mandrel into tubes and rods.

With this single-step technology it is possible to manufacture tubing with tailor made diameter/wall combinations and tight dimensional tolerances. Low OH-content and relatively low cost make the material a perfect choice for various applications.


Two-Step Technology

ilmasil® tubes are manufactured based on a two-step process: Heavy wall cylinders from the plasma fusion process are drawn into tubing from a vertical drawing tower. The cylinders are heated to 2000°C with the highly viscous fused quartz flowing into the drawing unit that pulls the material down in order to create the tube. This tool-free process provides excellent surface quality and reduces contamination to a minimum.
This technology also provides a high degree of flexibility and allows us to easily respond to customer requirements for both specialized sizes and quantities