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Our experienced in-house glassblowing department custom fabricates quartz-ware in precise accordance with our clients' specifications. Fused quartz materials are fabricated using both manual and machine assisted glassblowing technologies.

Large Diameter Tubes

Large diameter (LD) fused quartz tubes are resized using a glassblowing lathe. LD tubes are custom made and available in a full range of sizes, up to 1000 mm outer diameter.

Stabilized Tubes

LD tubes may be doped on the outer surface with a thin layer of Al2O3. This layer enables the growth of a cristobalite layer when the tube is  exposed to a temperature above 1150°C, providing improved stability (reduced sagging) and a longer lifespan of the process tube at elevated temperatures.  The stabilization is achieved by growing an approx. 20 mm layer of cristobalite on the outer surface during the first exposure over 1150°C.  This enables the usage of the tube at temperatures > 1300°C.

Example Applications


Combustion Tubes

Pressure Vessels

Laboratory Ware

Vacuum Vessels

Cooler and Coils


Flange Tubes

Combustion Tubes

Muffle Tubes

Diffusion- and CVD-Tubes

Rotary Furnace Tubes

Kiln Roller



Sleeve Tubes

Lamp Bodies


Sleeve Tubes