Products based on fused quartz are essential for modern communication

Fused quartz is an essential material for Semiconductor Production 

Chemical Research and Development rely on fused quartz products

Modern water purification is based on fused quartz products

ilmasil® PQ

QSIL's premium brand

With the premium brand ilmasil® PQ QSIL offers a material for highest requirements.  This clear fused quartz excels the highest purity standards for semiconductor materials: With a sum of total 5 ppm for all typical trace elements the purity of ilmasil® PQ falls below the values of highest purity level of any fused quartz materials manufactured from natural sand. Its outstanding bubble content together with the low OH-content make ilmasil® PQ a perfect choice for sensitive applications in semiconductor manufacturing processes. 

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Message from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

After more than twenty years with QSIL, leading the company as its CEO since 2005, I have used the opportunity of the currently pursued transformation of QSIL International GmbH into QSIL AG to join the supervisory board as chairman. My long-time colleague on the management board, Michael Keitz, will continue to serve QSIL as CFO. Udo Werner, who became a member of our team a year ago, will accept responsibility as CEO. Last but not least, I would like to cast a warm welcome to Nina Huck, managing director of our Dutch subsidiary QSIL NL, as a new member of the QSIL group management board, assuming responsibility for sales and marketing as CSO.

With these changes, I believe strongly that QSIL is well positioned for its promising future. In light of the actual and expected high demand for our products, we have designed plans to greatly enhance our production capacity...

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Stephan Behr - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the QSIL AG