Products based on fused quartz are essential for modern communication

For semiconductor production fused quartz is an essential material

Chemical Research and Development rely on fused quartz products

Modern water purification is based on fused quartz products

ilmasil® PQ

QSIL promotes new premium brand

QSIL extends its portfolio of base materials with the newly developed material ilmasil® PQ . This clear fused quartz excels the highest purity standards for semiconductor grade fused quartz material: With a sum of total 5 ppm for all typical trace elements the purity of ilmasil® PQ falls below the values of highest purity level of any fused quartz materials manufactured from natural sand. Its outstanding bubble content together with the low OH-content make ilmasil® PQ a perfect choice for sensitive high-temperature applications in semiconductor manufacturing processes. 

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QSIL acquires Philips facility

We are pleased to announce that QSIL acquires Philips’ fused quartz and special glass operation in Winschoten, Netherlands. The corresponding purchasing agreement has been signed at the beginning of July 2016 and the closing of the transaction is planned in the third quarter of 2016.

Through the announced acquisition QSIL further expands its technology basis and acquires an absolute quality leader in the production of tubes and rods out of fused quartz.

Stephan Behr, CEO at QSIL explains: „Now we have the capability to offer all our customers in the lighting industry as well as in semiconductor or chemical industry the whole spectrum of rods and tubes – produced by either using the one step or the two step tubing process, whatever brings the best advantage for the individual customer.”

The future QSIL Group will employ about 300 people and will generate sales of about 65 million euros. By this means QSIL catches up with the big competitors in the market of fused quartz.


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